Mormon Man Stunned When Stranger Guesses That His Family Is Mormon

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A Washington DC man was shocked recently when a complete stranger identified him and his family as Latter-day Saints.

“I had never seen this person before in my life,” said Chris Ogden, a Utah native who recently relocated to the east coast. “And without us even saying anything, she could tell that we were Mormon!”

Ogden, who had just walked into a nearby Cafe Rio with his wife and six children, said it was a faith-promoting experience. “I think she noticed a light in our eyes,” he said.

The family, who at the time of the incident was wearing matching shirts with a picture of the Salt Lake temple on the front and “I Know It, I Live It, I Love It: Ogden Family Pioneer Trek 2012” on the back, had just gotten in line when a woman behind them in line tapped Ogden on the shoulder and asked if they were LDS.

“She said he had known a Mormon family who used to live in her neighborhood. But the fact that she could tell we were Mormon was just so unexpected.”

Ogden said he doesn’t believe in coincidences, and that it was a sign to him that he and his family radiated a special spirit.

“I was just standing there, looking at the menu and adjusting my daughter’s BYU hat,” he said. “I called to my son Nephi to stop playing with his CTR ring so he wouldn’t lose it, and that’s when she tapped my shoulder. She must have felt that there was something different about us.”

Jason WoodwardComment