Mass Confusion As Dozens of Mission Reunions Book the Same Venue on the Same Night Under “Best Mission in the World”


“I thought it would be pretty clear when making the reservation that ‘Best Mission in the World’ was obviously talking about the Frankfurt, Germany mission from 2005-2008,” said Ogden native Blake Ross, who booked the terrace of BYU’s Wilkinson Student Center for his mission’s most recent reunion. “Apparently other people had the same idea.”

“Best Mission in the World? We basically started that in Peru Lima Central 1996-1999,” replied Ken Wolfert when asked why he didn’t provide more information to the receptionist when calling to set up his mission’s reunion. “I was surprised when she said we already had a reservation, but I just figured Prez went ahead and did it.”

Attendees were reportedly very confused at the disorganized scene, which was severely overcrowded and contained hundreds of unknown faces.

“It felt kind of like the Tower of Babel,” one woman reported. “Tons of disoriented people everywhere all coming up to me speaking different languages in very thick American accents.”

The Wilkinson Student Center has said they will ask for additional details, such as geographic area and years served, when booking reunions in the future.

Note: As far as our reporters could gather, there seemed to be no one present that evening from the Provo, Utah mission.

Jason WoodwardComment