Expectant Utah Parents Devastated After Realizing That the Only Unclaimed Book of Mormon Name Left for Their Kid Is “Moron"


24-year-old Azia Jorgensen of Draper, UT, mother of two children and currently expecting her third, was crushed this week as she and her husband learned that all the creative scriptural names they wanted for their future son were already taken.

“My husband Cannon and I were really looking forward to giving our son a Book of Mormon name that was as unique and special as he is going to be — one that he could be proud of. But with every other Utah mom having the same idea, there aren’t any Book of Mormon names left that someone hasn’t used. Except for ‘Moron.’”

According to the Book of Mormon, Moron was the grandfather of the prophet Ether, and he ruled as a Jaredite king during a time of great turmoil. Moron is only mentioned in Ether 11:14-16, where we learn that he lived wickedly, lost half his kingdom in a rebellion, got it back only be be overthrown again, and then lived out the rest of his days in captivity.

“We really lucked out with our first two boys.” Cannon Jorgensen added, echoing his wife’s sentiment. “They got great names that we’d never heard anyone use before. We just know that Gidgiddonah and his brother Teancum are going to grow up with a real sense of identity and purpose. They’ll be thanking us when once they're old enough to spell.”

As of this writing, Cannon and Azia were considering another option for their future son: combining their two names to come up with some kind of weird mishmash name thing, like “Caz” or something.

Jason WoodwardComment