Area woman begins sacrament talk by explaining how she was asked to give her sacrament talk


After struggling for more than a week, 23-year old McKinzlee Adams finally landed on the perfect way to begin her 10-minute discourse in her local congregation of young single adults. “I wasn’t sure how to start off but then it hit me — what if I tell everyone the story of how the first counselor stopped me in the hall and asked me to give a talk?”

While she considered telling a light joke or giving a standard personal introduction, Adams felt like her approach was the perfect combination of informative and relatable.

“By saying how Brother Cox pulled me aside in between classes, and that before he said anything I knew immediately he was asking me to give a talk, I feel like everyone will really perk up and pay attention because they’ll totally get it.”

After her introduction, Adams plans to spend a few minutes talking about how she spent all week thinking about her topic, then plans to read the definition of “faith” from the Bible Dictionary.

Jason WoodwardComment