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Episode 31: Andy Proctor @morehappylife

Andy Proctor is a Blogger, Academic and Positive Psychology activist.  For the past few years, Andy has dedicated his life to the study of Happiness and the never ending pursuit we all have to live happy lives.  Throughout his journey, he has spent time seeking out the experts in this field, attaining a deep understanding of the science behind the theories, putting them into practice in his own life and sharing his learnings with the world.  Andy's Blog, Morehappylife provides people with resources and training to empower people to live happier lives by utilizing techniques that emphasize positivity, gratitude and practicing an optimistic outlook on life.   On this episode..

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Episode 28: Alex Balinski -

Alex Balinski is an Entrepreneur from Provo Utah who's directory of missionary preparation interviews and life stories have been viewed millions of times by users all over the world.  His website allows a user to record a "Lifey" - essentially a life story via selfie - and upload to where it can be used to offer advice on subjects pertinent to an individuals life experience.  Alex is currently working on a Lifey app which will allow users to crowd source answers to common life questions via video blogs - with the hopes to become a curated "video wikipedia".  Alex currently lives in Provo with his wife and 3 children.

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