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Episode 41: "I have CF; CF doesn't have me" - Mandie Sherman

Mandie Sherman was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis as an infant, and has outlived her initial life expectancy by 11 years. While conquering her disease, she has inspired others struggling with CF by running competitive track in high school and college, getting married and having a child (a feat that is so rare doctors do not even recommend their patience make the attempt) and starting the popular blog, which documents her day-to-day as a wife, mother, sibling and “souldier” living with CF. On this episode..

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Episode 18: Emily Buckley

Emily Buckley is a Entrepreneur, storyteller, wife, mother of 5 and founder of Cache Valley Family Magazine.  Originally from the small town of Shelley Idaho Emily founded Cache Valley Family Magazine in 2014 after moving to Logan Utah with her husband's job and deciding to follow her dream of pursuing her passion for journalism.  She came up with the idea based on moving around a lot in her young marriage, emulating ideas she had seen be successful in bringing communities together and adding a few of her own to develop a crowd sourced, locally focused magazine.

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