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Episode 38: Kortni Niccoli - Founder of @kortnijeane

Kortni Niccoli is a young entrepreneur who started the Swimwear brand Kortni Jeane .  Established in 2014, Kortni launched Kortni Jeane in hopes of bringing you swimmers that represent your personality without having to pay for a custom suit.  Kortni wanted to create a swimmer that every person, no matter their body type, feels comfortable and. confident in, and it all started with a sewing machine and a dream.  Today, Kortni Jeane is a global brand selling to thousands of Women, Kids and Men and not only that, giving back to the community.  Kortni has done all of this while navigating her early twenties, living her faith, getting married and starting a family.  On this episode..

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Episode 34: Kimmi Wernli - Crazy Richard's PB

Kimmi Wernli is the President and owner of Crazy Richard's Peanut Butter Co., who's peanut related products range from Peanut butter to almond butter to cashew butter and much more.  As a second-generation business owner of Crazy Richard’s Peanut Butter, Kimmi is a leader in the peanut industry and a successful woman entrepreneur. She is a mom of four who values the importance of feeding children and families foods in their natural form.  She values her faith above all else and instills those values into her company.  On this episode,

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Episode 19: Ty the Dog Guy

Tyler Brown, aka "Ty the Dog Guy", is a world renown Dog Trainer, having spent the last 10 years training dogs all over the world for the likes of professional athletes, celebrities and Police departments.  In 2006, Ty started his business online ( and it's success has allowed him to travel the world training while raising a family of 4 children with his wife in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Ty has written multiple books and DVD series' on dog training while also engaging in speaking events and public appearances on TV, Radio and (now) podcasts.

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