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S2 Episode 51: Pride Week with Hayden Davis & Dustin Larsen

Hayden Davis and Dustin Larsen are young professionals living in new york city, they are both active members of the LDS church, openly gay and have been foundational in starting a movement toward inclusion within the church by starting and promoting a weekly scripture study group for LGBTQ members and their friends within their wards. The program has spread like wildfire and not only strengthened testimonies, but helped people find a comfortable place where they can find common ground and help each other along their journey. On this episode...

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S2 Episode 50: Jenn Blosil

Jenn Blosil is an incredibly talented singer/songwriter/musician based out of Orem Utah. born in Vienna, Austria Jenn discovered her love of music at age 4 when she began playing piano. Jenn grew up in Orem, Utah and began writing her own songs at age 12. She took her technical training and transitioned her love of music from classical to rock and has crafted songs of a unique sound that blends every genre in between. Initially shy about performing, Jenn was peer-pressured into her first solo performance at Velour at the age of 16 - and she knew then and there that music was her calling. Jenn used a Kickstarter campaign to launch her first album at the age of 21, and released it days before leaving on an LDS mission to New York. Since then she has performed all over the country, touring and working with some of the most well known artists in the industry. She even had a stint on American Idol, placing in the top 14. On this episode,

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S2 episode 46: Richard Ostler - "Listen, Learn and Love" Podcast

Richard Ostler is a 58 year old small business owner, former YSA bishop, husband and father of 6 children. He started a podcast in February 2018 called Listen, Learn and Love which shares the stories of the LGBTQ community within the LDS Church . From their website, “Listen, Learn, and Love was created out of the desire to better understand our LGBTQ+ brothers and sisters. We believe in God and in His decree to love one another, and this website is one of the ways in which we hope to foster that love and understanding”. Richard has posted almost 100 episodes of his podcast in just over a year!

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