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S2 Episode 48: Mormon Studies Conference 2019 w/ @judes23

Judy Pham is a convert to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints who grew up Buddhist in Northern California as a child of Vietnamese Immigrants. She moved to New York as a teenager and lived there for 10 years before moving back to the West Coast. Judy has was chosen to share her experiences at the recent Mormon Studies Conference at Claremont University as part of a panel of 4 LDS people discussing Millennials and mormonism.

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Episode 29: Morgan Jones - Journalist/Blogger/web producer for

Morgan Jones is a journalist, blogger and editor who began writing for as an intern in 2014. She has since published more than 350 stories. Jones is a passionate storyteller and loves having the opportunity to share stories that deserve to be told.  a North Carolina Native, Jones attended BYU, graduating with a degree in Public Relations in 2012.  After a short career in Public Relations, Morgan transitioned into a career in Journalism (which is her passion) after responding to someone looking for an intern for the Des News on Facebook.  Morgan is also an accomplished Blogger.  Her website,, is her first person account and opinions based on her experiences as a faith writer for a major newspaper.  in her words, the blog allows her to be "a little pencil in god's hands".   On this episode of the podcast...

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Episode 11: Wes Eggett & Jason Farrell - Hosts of 'Talks on Talks' Podcast

Wes Eggett and Jason Farrell are the hosts of Talks on Talks, a Mormon-themed podcast that uses stories and humor to revisit talks from LDS General Conference. The hosts of the show are two regular guys who just like to chit chat when they're not studying for medical and dental school.

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