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Peculiar Histories: "The Girl with the Blue Tattoo"

Olive Oatman was a 13 year old Mormon pioneer heading west when a group of Yavapai Indians ambushed her group, killed her family and took her and her sister as slaves.  She was eventually traded to a tribe of Mohave, where she was thought of as family.  They gave her a face tattoo and raised her as one of their own.  On today's Peculiar Histories episode…

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Peculiar Histories: The story of John Koyle and the "Dream Mine"

In our second foray into Peculiar Histories, host Elliot Morris tells us the story of John Koyle and The Relief Mining Company.  A resident of Utah County, Utah in the late 1800's, John Koyle had a dream, a dream that he believed would provide the means to ensure financial stability of the LDS church well into the 20th century and beyond.  Over 100 years later, the Relief Mining Company and the "Dream Mine" is still a subject that inspires fascination, mystery and plenty of controversy...

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Ep 20 - Peculiar Histories: The Tale of the Bear Lake Monster

On the inaugural episode of "Peculiar Histories," host Elliot Morris takes you back in time to the mid-19th century.  Residents of Northern Utah and Southern Idaho were on edge as reports of a creature lurking under the waters of Garden City's Bear Lake.  Was this creature based on something real or was it an elaborate hoax?  How did these stories start? What effect did they have on the community? Are there still sightings today? Join us as we explore these questions and much more on "Peculiar Histories."

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