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Episode 37: The meaning of ENDURANCE with Brittany Fisher Frank

Brittany Frank was living the dream as a spirited 21 year old cross country runner at Utah State University when a tragic repelling accident left her paralyzed from the waist down.  In the 6 years since her accident, Brittany has chosen to share her story of resilience and finding joy in her circumstance, while at the same time getting married, working full time, becoming a dog mom and then a human mom to a very cute 8 month old son named Will.   On this episode of the podcast..    

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Episode 17: Peculiar Countdown - Top 10 Mormon athletes feat. Riley Nelson

It's another Peculiar countdown on the Peculiar People Podcast.  on Today's episode Nate and Gavin countdown their lists of top mormon athletes of all time with the help of a very special guest, former BYU and Utah State Quarterback Riley Nelson!  The guys catch up with Riley since his playing days ended in 2012 and jump into their lists of greatest LDS athletes.  Some of the names on the list will surprise you!  

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