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S2 Episode 48: Mormon Studies Conference 2019 w/ @judes23

Judy Pham is a convert to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints who grew up Buddhist in Northern California as a child of Vietnamese Immigrants. She moved to New York as a teenager and lived there for 10 years before moving back to the West Coast. Judy has was chosen to share her experiences at the recent Mormon Studies Conference at Claremont University as part of a panel of 4 LDS people discussing Millennials and mormonism.

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S2 Episode 45: Saints Unscripted - Rachel Grant & Justin Wintch

Saints Unscripted is a popular YouTube television program that uses a roundtable format of 3-4 “hosts” to discuss a myriad of topics relevant to members or investigators of the LDS church. The program was founded in 2016 by BYU students and has since released 231 videos, with topics ranging from the comical to the spiritual, the doctrinal to the cultural and everything in between.

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S2 Episode 43: Charlie Williams

Charlie Williams is a recent convert to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Having grown up in a religious family in New York City, this smart, thoughtful young college graduate enjoyed years of success in modeling while pursuing her professional goals. After moving back from Miami and taking a job in Manhattan, a series of coincidences and chance meetings led her to reach out to the LDS missionaries, and eventually to baptism. Her story is one of the most interesting and inspiring you will ever hear! she has been featured on Saints Unscripted , podcasts and from many a pulpit. On this episode

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