S2 Episode 52: @monthlyroamers w/ Krissy Weekley

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Krissy Weekley is the founder of Monthly Roamers, a website dedicated to fostering a community of working LDS singles who congregate for a month of working remotely in fantastic destinations across the globe. Founded in 2018, Monthly Roamers just finished their 3rd trip (Costa Rica, Spain, Italy) and it’s really catching on within the LDS Singles community. On this podcast, Nate and Krissy discuss the founding of Roamers and how Krissy capitalized on both her marketing/coding background and her love for travel to create something she’s always wanted to do as an entrepreneur. they discuss the past trips, the demographic of people who’ve come along, the hot goss of who’s fallen in love, and the future of Monthly Roamer trips.

If you’re interested in taking a trip with Monthly Roamers, visit their website at www.monthlyroamers.com or their instagram @monthlyroamers.