S2 Episode 51: Pride Week with Hayden Davis & Dustin Larsen

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Hayden Davis and Dustin Larsen are young professionals living in new york city, they are both active members of the LDS church, openly gay and have been foundational in starting a movement toward inclusion within the church by starting and promoting a weekly scripture study group for LGBTQ members and their friends within their wards. The program has spread like wildfire and not only strengthened testimonies, but helped people find a comfortable place where they can find common ground and help each other along their journey. On this episode, Dustin and Hayden discuss how they came to find and iterate this program, their life and struggle with being gay and Mormon, as well as what has helped sustain them and bring them back to their faith while still having many unanswered questions. They discuss the future both culturally and doctrinally, mental health, pride week, and what a “grandpa gay” is.