S2 Episode 45: Saints Unscripted - Rachel Grant & Justin Wintch

Saints unscripted.jpg

Saints Unscripted is a popular YouTube television program that uses a roundtable format of 3-4 “hosts” to discuss a myriad of topics relevant to members or investigators of the LDS church. The program was founded in 2016 by BYU students and has since released 231 videos, with topics ranging from the comical to the spiritual, the doctrinal to the cultural and everything in between. On today’s episode Rachel (producer), Justin (host) and Nate discuss the shows beginning, how it has evolved over time from content to hosts to format, its growing popularity and some of the many important topics that the show has taken on. Show content includes topics like - the unique beliefs held by member of the lds church, same-sex attraction, divorce, mental illness, how to handle being a recent convert to the church - and many more. Look for a special episode of Saints Unscripted featuring us at Peculiar People very soon!