Episode 32: BREEA + CODY @tellthebirds


Breea and Cody Bringham are newlyweds, influencers, entrepreneurs and most importantly filmmakers!  They describe their films as small snippets of life's most important moments.  Their films are all set to incredible soundtracks and utilize slow motion.  Breea and Cody have also started vlogging on YouTube where they have documented their story as well as the trials of their engagement, renovating a house together, their many travels and even a film about Cody getting a haircut!  Through these films and vlogs they have developed a community of loyal followers who they provide instructional videos as to how to document life's important moments, what equipment to use, answer Q&A's on vulnerable subjects and ultimately provide lots of examples of what a beautiful partnership they have.  On this episode, Breea and Cody walk Nate through their history together, how they met, their niche in the filmmaking industry and building their business, the rise of their vlogs and the amazing community they've built, the struggles of their engagement, bucket list locations and much more!