Episode 29: Morgan Jones - Journalist/Blogger/web producer for DeseretNews.com

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Morgan Jones is a journalist, blogger and editor who began writing for DeseretNews.com as an intern in 2014. She has since published more than 350 stories. Jones is a passionate storyteller and loves having the opportunity to share stories that deserve to be told.  a North Carolina Native, Jones attended BYU, graduating with a degree in Public Relations in 2012.  After a short career in Public Relations, Morgan transitioned into a career in Journalism (which is her passion) after responding to someone looking for an intern for the Des News on Facebook.  Morgan is also an accomplished Blogger.  Her website, alittlepencil.com, is her first person account and opinions based on her experiences as a faith writer for a major newspaper.  in her words, the blog allows her to be "a little pencil in god's hands".   On this episode of the podcast, Nate, Morgan and co-host Elliot discuss Morgan's upbringing in North Carolina, her love of the Tar Heels and initial hate of BYU, her passion to be a storyteller and how that got her to the Deseret News, her opinions and perceptions of BYU and Utah Mormons, giving Kelly Clarkson a Book of Mormon and much more.  They discuss her favorite stories she's told both from the lens of the Deseret News as well as on her blog, Morgan offers up some advice for aspiring writers and the crew spends some time predicting what will happen at LDS General Conference (Spoiler alert** we predicted Elder Gong to the quorom of the 12!).