Episode 25: Jay and Brad - The Next Step Podcast


Brad and Jay are Southern California Natives who are passionate about their families, the church, surfing, and the 12 Steps of Change known as the ARP Program.  They co-host a podcast, The Next Step Podcast which they started in 2016, that discusses the LDS Churches ARP program and the joys of recovery and sobriety.  They focus their discussion on weekly news and each week focus on 1 of the 12 steps to recovery found on arp.lds.org.    On this episode, Nate sits down with Brad and Jay in southern California to discuss their story - including Jay's struggle with opiate addiction and his journey to sobriety - as well as the founding of their podcast and ways to help people whose lives have become unmanageable due to addiction.  They chat about the resources available to people both in and out of the LDS community that can help deal with addiction and the need to discuss this important topic in a more transparent and meaningful way.