Episode 19: Ty the Dog Guy

ty the dog guy.jpg

Tyler Brown, aka "Ty the Dog Guy", is a world renown Dog Trainer, having spent the last 10 years training dogs all over the world for the likes of professional athletes, celebrities and Police departments.  In 2006, Ty started his business online (tythedogguy.com) and it's success has allowed him to travel the world training while raising a family of 4 children with his wife in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Ty has written multiple books and DVD series' on dog training while also engaging in speaking events and public appearances on TV, Radio and (now) podcasts.  On this episode, Nate and co-host Drew (Business & tech editor) sit down to chat with Ty about his early years of dog training and how being on the verge of bankruptcy launched his dog training career (14:30).  Ty brags about his own dogs - a rare breed that only he breeds called a Cão Fila de São Miguel - and how much it would cost to own one (19:00) and then discusses the most difficult breeds to train (22:30).  The guys drill Ty on some of his most sensational stories including his trip to Oman (28:30), his oblivious work for a drug cartel in Mexico, a Russian mafia boss and a gangster from England (32:00).  Ty has the best Shaquille O'neal story we've ever heard (warning it's not a story for the kids) (41:00), and Drew peppers Ty with questions about his own puppy, Bernie (@berniethelab), (50:00).  They finish the podcast talking about the future of Ty's business  and Ty gives his advice on how to win a "best of state" award (59:00)