Episode 4: Nate Pyfer

Nate Pyfer is an American record producer and songwriter/composer. Pyfer has collaborated with Kaskade and producer Finn Bjarnson on a number of projects including co-writing the GRAMMY nominated single "Atmosphere" on the eponymous GRAMMY nominated album.  He was a founding member of the bands Code Hero, Night Night and The Moth & The Flame.  On this episode, Nate and co-host Gavin accuse Pyfer of writing his own wikipedia page (05:30), journey back to Pyfer's familial musical roots and founding The Moth & The Flame (9:00), discuss failing as a rock star and how that was a springboard to success as a producer (13:30), How technology has changed the music industry and creative process (22:00),  Pyfer's favorite collaborators and getting outside his comfort zone in Hip Hop and Dance music (30:00), and how to avoid predators in the music business (35:00).  After grooving to some of Pyfer's music (40:30) Gavin tosses his rapid fire questions (44:45) And Pyfer beats us in our own game of Hot Seat (50:00).