Episode 3: Clay Olsen

Clay Olsen is the President and Co-Founder of Fight The New Drug, a non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness on the harmful effects of pornography.  Founded in 2009, FTND uses scientific research, personal accounts and social commentary to shed light on the effects of pornography consumption on the human brain.  He and his team are known for affecting presentations in schools as well as for the popular slogan "Porn Kills Love".  On this episode, Our relationships editor Whitney Van Wagoner co-hosts with Nate and they talk to Clay about how FTND started and why its so important just to get people talking about pornography (05:00), the term "addiction" and why we should use it with caution when it comes dealing with pornography consumption (13:30), some staggering statistics regarding children's exposure to porn (16:30), is all porn bad? or how much is too much? (21:30),  how fast pornography consumption is growing among women (29:00), the humble beginnings of FTND and the exponential growth of the movement (34:30) and how Clay became a successful Entrepreneur by simply never giving up on his dream (43:00).  We finish with Clay providing ways people can get involved (49:00) and end of course, with Hot Seat (53:00)