Episode 13: Brooke Romney

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Brooke Romney is a professional blogger, columnist and author who is known for her passionate and personal blog, Brooke Romney Writes.  Via her website brookeromney.com , Brooke blogs about Marriage, Parenting, Holidays, Travel, Food, Books, Love and Life. Aside from blogging, Brooke is a speaker and freelance writer who resides in Kaysville, UT with her husband and 4 boys. One of Brooke's recent and most popular posts is titled, "Why we are taking the FUN out of life."  Brooke also has a monthly column that is published in the Deseret News.  On this episode, Nate jumps outside his comfort zone to chat with Brooke on topics including reading, writing and finding your calling in life.  They chat about her influences, how she met her husband and started her family and how experiencing hardships re-shaped her writing style in a more meaningful and personal way.  Brooke explains how her blog has slowly grown over time and some of the articles she is most proud of.  She gives Nate some future parenting advice and discusses her ideas for the future, including penning her first novel!