Episode 14: Richie T. Steadman

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Richie Steadman is a Radio Host, Producer, Thespian and founder of the popular LDS podcast The Cultural Hall .  Known around Zion as “Richie T,” Richie has worked for the last 14 years as the producer and "mormon voice" of the popular Utah radio show "Radio from Hell".  In 2011 he started the Cultural Hall Podcast and the rest, as they say, is history.  On this episode, Nate and Richie go off on many tangents regarding Richie's past and love for radio/podcasting (12:00), his love of dance and the stigma around straight guy dancers (16:00), sleeping in his car, his caffeine-free lifestyle (19:00) and his beginnings at X96 (25:00).  Richie tells the story of his past relationships, heartbreak, excommunication, re-fellowshipping and his time at clown college in Chicago which changed his life (30:00).  Richie talks his 1st marriage, being a stepdad and what it's like to raise a teenage boy who isn't your own (41:00).  The guys finally discuss The Cultural Hall and its formation, expansion and endurance in mormon media (45:00).   They discuss what makes a good podcast and how he handles touchy subjects and unique approaches to guests (58:00), his influences and favorite podcasts (01:09:00) and what its like to be on an atheist's show (01:11:00).  They finish with the ultimate in fan question segments (01:20:00) and learn about regrets during Hot Seat (01:26:00).  

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