Episode 10: Cooper Boice - Creator of "Mutual"

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Cooper Boice is an American entrepreneur who started the popular LDS dating app Mutual.  To date, Mutual has over 100,000 active users worldwide in over 100 countries and has been featured in many popular news outlets including CNN, Deseret News, LDS Living and more.  On this episode, Nate and Co-host Whitney pepper Cooper and his wife Brittany with questions about where the idea for the app came from, how they came up with the name Mutual (06:00) and how Cooper's own dating history changed his perspective on LDS dating (10:00).  They chat about Tinder and how it changed everything when it comes to online dating (15:00) and how Coopers uncle helped him crystalize his good idea and turn it into a business (19:00).  Nate challenges Cooper to describe what Mutual is to his parents who don't understand online dating (22:00) and why there shouldn't be a stigma around couples finding each other on a dating app (26:00).  Cooper gets into the stats behind Mutual and how the global nature of the app is providing dating opportunities worldwide (30:00), then speculates on what the future of the app will bring (35:00).  Brittany tells the story of how she met Cooper and laughs about how he wouldn't tell her about the business he was working on when they first started dating (40:00).  During fan questions, Cooper offers brilliant dating advice for guys on how to differentiate themselves from the rest of the pack (46:00) and asks Whitney and Nate what they like and don't like about the app (49:00).  Cooper and Brittany get invited to a Mutual wedding (01:00:00, video on our instagram), and of course, they finish with a game of Hot Seat (01:07:00).  

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