Episode 12: Rosie Card - Q.NOOR Temple Dress


Rosie Card is an Entrepreneur, author, former high fashion model and "self-proclaimed paper-doll-making master".  In 2015, Rosie created QNOOR.com  to ensure that women have dresses as special and beautiful as going to the Temple feels.  In her own words, "When shopping for my first temple dress, I felt a little disappointed with the options. The temple felt like such a special and personal experience, but I couldn't find anything that felt very special or "me" at all. As more and more of my friends entered the temple, I've observed that my temple dress experience wasn't unique to me. I created Q.NOOR to ensure that women have dresses as special and beautiful as going to the temple feels."  On this episode, Nate and Rosie sit down and discuss the founding of Q.NOOR Temple Dress and how Rosie was inspired to create her own clothing company.  They branch off on topics including what it means to be a "Stay at home YSA" (03:00), her experience in high fashion modeling (12:00),  what it was like to work for the church (17:00), and what it means to be an LDS feminist in 2017 (26:00).  Rosie discusses her upcoming book Model Mormon, which will be hitting shelves this winter (34:00),  the role of social media in her business and how she separates that from her personal life (36:00) and some of the unanticipated perks of starting your own business (41:00).  Rosie and Nate finish by chatting about how to handle negative feedback and why it's important to have positive dialogues on subjects we don't have the answers to (48:00).