Episode 11: Wes Eggett & Jason Farrell - Hosts of 'Talks on Talks' Podcast


Wes Eggett and Jason Farrell are the hosts of Talks on Talks, a Mormon-themed podcast that uses stories and humor to revisit talks from LDS General Conference. The hosts of the show are two regular guys who just like to chit chat when they're not studying for medical and dental school.  Every episode begins with a biography and fun facts about the speaker before a discussion of the principles of the talk. At the end of each episode, they have a segment called "The Virtuous, Lovely, Good Report" where they share something positive they came across during the week.  On this episode of PPP, Nate sits down with the guys to discuss their idea for the podcast and how their shared love of spiritual conversation led them to launch their show.  The guys chat about the themes and lessons that seem to be consistent when breaking down a session of conference, how it's benefitted their lives individually as well as within their family, their favorite talks they've broken down on the show and the future evolution of Talks on Talks.  They finish the show with a crossover segment of "The Virtuous, Lovely, Good Report".  You can find their show on the Apple Podcasts directory and check out their website, www.talksontalks.com