Episode 9: Jared Shores - Co-Creator of Studio C

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Jared Shores is an American movie and television producer, who (along with Co-Creator Matt Meese) founded the wildly popular sketch comedy show Studio C for BYUtv in 2012.  Studio C currently has a YouTube channel with over 1.5 million subscribers and more than a billion total views. Today, Jared lives with is wife and children in Southern California where he works as a movie and television producer.   On this episode, Nate and co-host Gavin take a look at the founding of Studio C, and Jared relays the humble beginnings of getting a job at BYUtv all the way to how studio c became a cultural phenomonon.  They discuss how Jared determined the best way to market the show, the difficulties of trying to be clean while still being hilarious and what it's like to record in front of a live studio audience while a general authority is in attendance!   

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