Episode 6: Alexa Jorgenson

lexa 3.JPG

Alexa Jorgensen is a professional marketer and host of the popular podcast Munchin' With Moguls, which highlights "inspiring women who are changing and shaping the community around them".  On this episode Nate jumps into the deep end with Alexa on her unique upbringing and family dynamic (6:00), her decision to ditch school and jump right into her career (10:00), the people she met along the way that inspired her to start a podcast (12:00), starting her podcast and the amazing takeaways she's learned from her interviews (22:00) and some common struggles that she has heard from even the most "successful" people (26:00).  Alexa talks social media obsessions and the logic behind the concept of unfollowing someone because "you love them too much" (30:00) and gives her advice to those who want to follow an unconventional path in life (36:00).  Alexa gives her vision for the future of "Munchin'"(39:00) and how she manages the podcast while trying to maintain a balanced life (42:00), and then finishes with some fan questions (48:00) and hot seat (53:00).  Alexa tells a really funny story to end the show that may or may not embarrass one of the contributors to our website (56:00).