Episode 7: Gay Mormons living their faith - Conner, Mike & Matt


Conner Castagno is a compliance analyst for American Express who lives in New York City and attends church at a Manhattan singles ward.  Matt Peterson works in marketing for a large New York City based music label and also attends a Manhattan YSA ward.  Mike Barney works in Finance in New York City and attends LDS services every other week with his boyfriend, who is Catholic.  On today's episode, Nate discusses with the guys their unique stories of who they are and how they navigate being active members of the church who are also openly gay.  They discuss what options gay members of the LDS Church feel they are presented with when it comes to living the gospel (7:00), how they navigate their desire to have a family and procreate with their desire to live faithfully (15:00) and the questions that are commonly asked by their LDS friends and family about being gay (21:00).  The guys explain to Nate how they navigate potential contradictions between lifestyle and gospel doctrine and why they choose to stay in the church (28:00).  Nate is surprised at how supportive and accepting the members of the church have been to them, and asks what changes they'd hope to see culturally in the future (32:00).  The guys offer differing views and advice for gay members of the church who are struggling to navigate the coming out process and still be active participants in the church (42:00) and how their views of having a family have evolved over time (48:00).  They finish the conversation sharing some funny stories and reactions to their coming out process (55:00) and end with a great game of hot seat (01:09:00).