Episode 5: James The Mormon


James Brandt Curran is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer. James is more commonly known by his stage name 'James The Mormon'. Although he doesn't make religious music, he believes in being open and true to who you are hence the moniker James The Mormon.  On this episode of the Podcast, Nate, Gavin and Daniel sit down with James in his office and discuss the turning point that inspired him to coin the nickname "James the Mormon" (9:00), How a video blog gone viral on YouTube sent his life in a new direction (12:30), His first foray into Hip Hop music and how he literally fought the inspiration to "rap to share the gospel" (18:00).  James recounts how his hobby of rapping and creating hip hop music with a positive message blew up into an overnight success (21:00) and with that overnight success James is caught off guard by all of the haters thinking he was using the moniker to make money off of Mormonism (24:00).  We then get a glimpse into what James is working on now (30:00), how he turned his fear of public speaking into motivation to share his testimony through regular firesides in LDS meetinghouses (37:00), and we finish with an inspiring hot seat question (43:00).