9 Ways To Make A Good Impression On Your Bae's Family This Christmas


The holidays can be a big step in a relationship. You may be meeting your significant other's family for the first time, or even if you've met them before, Christmas generally means you'll be spending more time with them than normal. How your first Christmas goes together can be a pretty big indicator of how well you mesh with the ol' future in-laws, so first impressions are key. Sounds like a lot of pressure, right? Well, it doesn't have to be! These 9 tips will help you loosen up a bit, take the pressure off, and most importantly, be yourself with your bae's fam this Christmas. 


1. Remember that small actions speak volumes.

People notice what you do more than what you say, so remember the basics of being a gentleman. Open the car door, pull out her chair. Little things like that go along way and her parents will definitely notice. Ladies, allow him to do these things for you and be aware of small kindnesses you can offer your man as well, like clearing his plate after dinner or letting him pick the movie. Also, try to stay off your phone and be in the moment. They'll notice and remember your actions more than anything you say. 


2. Be attentive and focused on others.

While meeting the family can feel like all eyes are on you, try not to become overly consumed with or critical of yourself. Look outward and be aware of what others might need, then act. Help with the dishes after dinner, give someone a thoughtful compliment. This will not only make a good impression, but it will take your attention away from yourself, which will help you feel more at ease. 


3. Ask for stories about your bf/gf.

Ask for embarrassing stories, or their sibling's favorite memory together from growing up. This will show his/her family that you have a genuine interest in getting to know the person you're dating and will help break the ice. 


4. Be the guest, not the entertainment.

Remember not to try too hard. People can tell if you're not being genuine, and this generally just makes everyone feel less than comfortable. Be engaging and participate in the conversation, but don't place yourself on center stage. This will make your interactions feel more natural and will take the pressure off of you as well. 


5. Be genuine and true to your relationship.

Try your best not to act much differently in front of your bf/gf's family as you do when you're together 1 on 1. Your significant other will notice if you're not being yourself, and this can be off-putting. Obviously, you might not be completely comfortable right off the bat, but try to keep your interactions with your bf/gf the same in front of their family as when you're alone, so they can get a real impression of how you interact and fit together. 


6. Participate in family traditions.

Their family might do things differently than yours, but be respectful of and interested in their traditions. Ask questions about why these traditions are important to them, and memories they've shared as a family over the years doing these things. Who knows, you may be a part of the fam someday, so be excited about the traditions that make the holidays so special for them. 


7. Ask the parents how they met.

Sparking the discussion of how the (potential) future in-laws met can open the door for some funny, heartfelt conversation. Talk about how they met, the big milestones in their relationship, when they first said "I love you", how they got engaged. They'll love to reminisce and it will make for fun conversation! 


8. Bring a simple gift.

Don't go over the top here, but it can go a long way to not show up empty-handed. Try asking your bf/gf ahead of time what their family's favorite treat is, or a game they might enjoy playing together. It could even be as simple as a thank you card, but leaving something behind will show your thoughtfulness and appreciation. 


9. Focus on the kids.

If your bf/gf has younger siblings or nieces and nephews, spend some extra time playing with them. You'll want to be the favorite aunt/uncle someday, so the time to start is now! Getting the kids on your side can have a positive impact on everyone else's overall impression of you. Also, playing with the kids can lighten the mood and switch things up from feeling the need to carry on adult-conversation the entire time. 


Well peeps, we hope these tips will help you hit a home run with the future in-laws this year, or at least make you feel more at ease if things aren't that serious yet. Remember, being yourself is always your best strategy, and will help you leave feeling confident and connected. 

Do you have a story about meeting your bae's family that you'd like us to share? Send us a message!

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